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Revolution Ozone Provides a Plastic Lamp Assembly

You now have options...Manufactured in USA by Revolution Ozone

Available for ozone generators, such as Triple O Systems

Click Here for More Products...Accessories: Filter, Tubing and etc PLA-300: Revolution Ozone UV Lamp - Replacement for Triple O System LampFree Shipping on All Items in The USA

Item# PLA-300
Revolution Ozone High Output UV Lamp Assembly with Replaceable Lamp.
Includes: High Output UV Replacement Lamp (Part #300-L), Exit Tubing and Check Valve.
Made in USA using NSF and UL certified traceable materials

This product comes with a free new plastic lamp housing with every
third purchase of Part #300-L Replacement Lamp (see terms).

*free shipping*

Price $155.00

PLA-100: Revolution Ozone UV Lamp - Replacement for Triple O System Lamp

Item# PLA-100
Revolution Ozone High Output UV Lamp Assembly
Includes: Exit Tubing and Check Valve
Made in USA using NSF and UL certified traceable materials

*free shipping*

Price $155.00

Again...Revolution Ozone Provides Consumers with an Industry First

Introducing the "SLA" Stainless Lamp Assembly

Directly Replaces the Triple O Systems High Output UV Lamp

"Same Great Performance - Same Ozone Output - Less Waste - Eco-Friendly"
 SLA: 200 Revolution Ozone UV Lamp - Replacement for Triple O System Lamp TWTS-101
Item# SLA-200

Go Green with Revolution Ozone Newest Product.
The SLA enjoys an easily consumer replaceable high output UV lamp (SLA-L).

Your cost for replacement lamp in the future will only be the SLA-L.
Secondly, this product is manufactured with 80% post consumer recycled stainless steel.

We are so confident that you will be satisfied with the SLA Kit. It carries a
60 day money back guarantee.
Additionally, we guarantee our lamp to be
against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service
for 12 months from the original purchase date.

Item# SLA-200
Includes: Stainless Housing, SLA-L High Output UV Lamp, Check Valve,

  Cabinet Bulkhead, Stainless Support Brackets and Necessary Hardware

*free shipping*

Price $185.00

SLA-200: Stainless Lamp Assembly - Go Green with Revolution Ozone

Air Pumps
(120V and 240V)
Revolution Ozone Air Pumps 120v (also available 240v)

Item# ROA-120 (120V)
Air Pump 120V AC
Includes: 1/8 ID Norprene Tubing
(Does not include Covers)

*free shipping"

Price $187.50

Here we are Again...

Supplying the Consumers with Another Industry First

Introducing the Electronic Ballast

Old Style Ballast for Triple O Systems          ROB-E Electronic Ballast by Revolution Ozone

                Old Style                          Item# ROB-E (120V/240V)
                                                  Electronic Ballast

The Electronic Ballast will retrofit into the Triple O Systems cabinet in a snap.
Some of the Advantages with the Electronic Ballast:
1) Built in Surge Protection
2) Automatic Thermal Protection
3) Increase Lamp-Ballast Efficiency
Comes complete with all the necessary hardware & instructions
If you are ready for a new or want to upgrade...
Click the Buy button below.
You will be happy you made the switch.

Item# ROB-E (120V/240V)
Electronic Ballast

*free shipping*

Price $79.50


Filter 100 sq ft



We have everything you need. If you do not see your part, please call or email.
(Diffuser, Check Valve, Mounting Kit, Cabinet Bulkhead, Norprene Tubing and Much More)

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 Made In the USA

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